Terms and Conditions

On receipt of a parking ticket you have a number of options:
1. Pay the charge at the reduced rate stated on the ticket (if payment is received by the 14th day following the date of issue.
2. Appeal the charge by emailing or by post to 4 Thatchmoor Farm, Broad Lane, Huddlesford, Lichfield, Staffs, WS13 8QH. Please note that appeals cannot be dealt with by phone.
3. Pay the full charge within 15-28 days using one of the methods below.
-Send a cheque or postal order made payable to SR Security Services Limited to the address above (Please write the serial number on the reverse of your payment)
-Pay online

If you fail to pay within 28 days, further charges may be applied. We may contact the DVLA to request keeper details with reasonable cause.


Parking appeals and complaints procedure

It is the intention of SR Security Services Limited to deal with appeals and complaints from members of the public in a quick, efficient and fair manner to achieve an equitable solution. To achieve this the following procedures are in place.

Should a person wish to appeal against a Parking Charge Notice they must make the appeal in writing to the postal address or e-mail address stated on the notice.
On receipt of the appeal, SR Security will consider the representations made taking into account the rules displayed in the car park, photographic evidence and CCTV recordings where available. The outcome of this investigation will be conveyed in writing to the appellant.

Should the appellant be dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal, he or she may make an appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (POPLA). All details of the service including a unique reference number will be provided with any appeals which are rejected by SR Security Services.

Complaints procedure (Against members of staff or of the appeals process NOT individual PCN's)

Should a person wish to complain about a member of the parking attendant team to should do so in writing addressed as follows:

Regional Operations Manager
SR Security Services Limited

59 High Street

SR Security will carry out a full investigation of the complaint which will include interviewing relevant staff, examining CCTV evidence and taking witness statements. The outcome of the investigation will be conveyed in writing to the complainant, explaining the reasons for the outcome and any corrective actions which may need to be taken. Should the complainant not be happy with the outcome they have the right to appeal to the Operations Director at the address given above, who will consider the appeal fully before making a decision.

The Operations Director will conduct an investigation inclusive of interviews, review of written and photographic evidence and CCTV recordings where available. Should the Operations Director require more information from the complainant he will contact them directly.

The outcome of this investigation together with any corrective action will be conveyed to the complainant in writing. The Operations Directors decision is final.

1. SR Security Services Limited only administer the parking operation of individual car parks and do not set the rate of the Parking Charge Notice
2. SR Security conduct appeals in accordance with the terms and conditions of the individual car park concerned.
3. SR Security us photographic evidence taken at the time of the issue of the individual notice.
4. SR Security is a member of the British Parking Association Approved Operator Scheme and adheres to its Code of Practice for the control of parking on private land.
5. SR Security are guided by the rules stated on with regard to the use of the blue badge for disability scheme.